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Our Services

We are completely unrestricted in the assessments we can use, and bring expertise in a wide range of tools and methods. Hiring and developing key talent is core to the success of any business, and these decisions are critical. We help to bring that extra level of insight and confidence as you choose which professionals to select and develop 

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Assessment for Selection

Some clients opt for straightforward external psychometric assessment and a telephone call to work through the results, whereas others prefer a more comprehensive process where we complete detailed interviews, psychological assessment and bespoke reports. Some have preferred tools that they want us to use, and most have tight deadlines and very specific role requirements. We can assess candidates against your competencies and provide independent  and expert insights and guidance based on many years of experience in this area of assessment.

Internal Succession & High Potential Programs

Knowing where to "place your bet" when it comes to high potential and succession planning can become quite subjective. Assessing the readiness and developmental needs of the next generation to drive strategic and commercial success is one of our core areas of expertise, combining several methods to ensure that a comprehensive, objective and fair approach is used. We have a unique external benchmarking capability that can add further value and insight.

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Development Pulse Survey

As well as helping to shape a specific development plan, we have a unique pulse survey system that allows that person to measure how their behaviours are changing. Using a selected group of observers, the system allows feedback to be gathered from observers spontaneously or at prescribed intervals. This approach pushes ownership of the development process down to the individual level, and provides important ROI measurement by allowing line managers and HR to see exactly what changes are occuring.

Sales Performance Assessment

Sales is a very unique area and frankly it isn't for everyone. It requires an authentic appetite to sell as well as specific behaviours depending on the type of sales cycle, the nature and complexity of the product or service, whether the professional is in a hunter or farmer role, and so on. Much like leadership, there is not one single right or wrong way to sell; context is a critical factor. Our Sales Performance Assessment (SPA) process allows you to define the specific sales competencies you need, against which we can measure the actual behavioural and motivational characteristics of each indivdual.

Insurance Consultation
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Team Development

While individual development is always an imperative, getting people to work better and to innovate together is equally important, especially with newer generations. Good teamwork requires a very unique set of attributes such as trust, effective communication, clear objectives and a good degree of mutual understanding, appreciation and respect. These are characteristics that can be developed; we have tried and tested approaches to team development that helps the group to learn more about themselves and about each other, creating a clear focus on results and accountability.

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