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This is just a very small sample of our client projects - we balance our time between mid to large scale assessment projects and our "on call" client work - we're available as and when you need us, whether assessing one person or several hundred

Senior Management Assessment
Major international airline (200+ leaders assessed)

Each time an individual is selected or promoted to this level in the organisation, they are assessed against a defined set of competencies that we have mapped to specific expert assessments. Using a bespoke report created uniquely for this client, we interview each leader, provide them with expert feedback and support them in architecting their individual development plan. Feedback to the client about the L&D needs of each leader is an essential part of the process

High Potential Accelerated Development Process
Global automotive engineering company (30 leaders assessed)

The group being assessed represent a much larger executive population that we will ultimately assess. This project involves the most critical executive leaders who are destined to reach the highest levels in coming years. Covering the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific, this is an extremely detailed and robust process which combines psychometric assessment, structured interviews, internal referencing, external benchmarking and detailed reporting and feedback to the leaders and the client.

Leadership Assessment and Coaching
Leading retail bank (over 150 leaders assessed)

Aimed at those who are moving either into a new leadership role or transitioning to leading a complete function, this process combined a rigorous combination of psychometric and observational measurement, the authoring of detailed development plans and specific mapping against the clients' leadership competency framework. A bespoke report version was created to reflect the client's leadership model and organisational language.

Assessment for selection
Global executive search firm (over 300 leaders assessed)

We actually support the assessment needs of a number of executive search firms, or companies who have retained a search firm but who want the assessment element to be conducted independently. Bringing a depth of expertise and an objectivity that many clients value, we can remain completely impartial, avoiding the potential concerns that can arise when search firms assess their own candidates.

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